Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Join Avon Today to Get a 40% Discount

Join Avon Today to get a 40% discount 

in your first 4 campaigns.

Effective Campaign 22 2016 this program has been replaced by the  Kickstart  Program.

As a new representative with Avon you will earn 20% on your orders when they total $50 or more in a campaign (Avon's 2-week sales period). As your orders increase so do your earnings, up to 50% on beauty and jewelry products (excluding fine jewelry and watches).

For a limited time when you become a Representative with Avon you can earn 40%* on all qualifying sales for each of your first 4 campaigns when your orders total $100 or more in that campaign. You'll also receive a beauty sample assortment** in each campaign you qualify for 40% earnings. 

If you reach $100 or more in award sales in all 4 campaigns you'll receive a product bundle valued at over $100!***

After your first 4 campaigns you can continue to earn 40% with sales of as little as $440 each campaign. That's 20 customers each ordering $20 plus a couple of things for yourself and some business supplies. Avon and I will be there every step of the way to show you how.

Avon has world class training available to all representatives.  Avon University features courses you can complete on your own time at your own pace.  Regular webinars and conference calls keep you up to date with what's new and exciting. And I'll be there with you every step of the way so you can take advantage of my nearly 20 years experience to build your business to the best it can be.

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* On variable earning beauty and jewelry products (excluding fine jewelry and watches).
** Avon’s newest skin care, color and fragrance samples. The sample assortment will ship in the Representative’s next Campaign order placed on youravon.com
provided that an order is placed within two (2) Campaigns of earning the sample assortment.
*** Based on regular brochure prices. Avon reserves the right to change product selections and/or substitute a reward of equal value.

To participate in this program, you must have qualifying sales of $100 or more in one or more of your first four (4) campaigns.
The way in which the qualifying sales will be calculated will depend on if (or when) you place your first order on youravon.com.
• If you place your first order on youravon.com, those sales plus any e-Store orders and/or any Avon Sales Center Purchase made before the campaign close for that youravon.com
order will be combined to calculate the first $100 order, provided those sales occur within the same campaign.
• If you do not place a first order on youravon.com, any e-Store orders and/or any Avon Sales Center purchases will count as the first campaign.

Program begins Campaign 4 2016 National (Trendsetter Campaign 6 2016). Orders must be submitted and paid on time as defined in the Avon Independent Sales Representative
Policies located on youravon.com. Reinstatements do not count as New Representatives for this program. Each order value counts toward Award Sales and Earnings Level, and will
be used to calculate your Leadership Bonus/Earnings (if purchased by a member of your Downline and order is paid in full). Bonus Dollars, including Double and Triple Dollars, are
not included in Award Sales for this program. Avon reserves the right to substitute a reward of equal value, change product selection, rules and regulations, or cancel the program
at any time, at its sole discretion. Products received cannot be redeemed for cash or credit toward your Avon account. Avon reserves the right to audit all performance data when
determining reward eligibility and reserves the right to disqualify any Representative it determines has violated principles of fairness or program intent. Your account must be active
and past due no more than $0 (zero dollars) in each campaign in order to participate. Void where prohibited. All dollars shown are in U.S. Dollars. Avon reserves the right to change
any requirements and program qualifi ers at any time, at its sole discretion. The changes may be superseded at any time by a new change in program rules.

For more program details, go to: youravon.com.  

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