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Mascara Selection Guide

Mascara Selection Guide

With so many mascaras on the market it can sometimes be overwhelming trying to decide which one is right for you. Between mascaras that promise volume, or length or both, and all the different types and shapes of brushes it can be hard to even know where to start. Many women own up to 3 mascaras and use more than one of them on a regular basis. For example she may have a basic mascara for daytime wear and one with a more dramatic effect for evening wear.

Avon offers a full selection of mascaras so we have a mascara for just about any need. Avon mascaras are hypoallergenic ophthalmologist-tested and safe for contact lens wearers and they're all backed by a 90 day satisfaction guaranteed so you can try something new with confidence. And I'm here to help, Contact me for any assistance in choosing the right mascara for you.

Choose the right formula and brush

Basic Everyday Mascara

Avon Wash Off Waterproof MascaraA waterproof mascara that stays all day but comes off easily at night sounds like a dream but it's a reality with Wash-off Waterproof Mascara which contains a unique emulsion technology that is easily removable with soap and water.  I use this one myself and find a warm washcloth is usually enough to gently remove all traces of my mascara at the end of the day.
Avon Wash Off Waterproof Mascara
Wash-off Waterproof Mascara thickens and separates lashes for all around length and volume. Fiber free and fragrance free it's also smudge and flake proof so this formula is a favorite among those with sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.

The tapered tip of the brush is great for applying to lower lashes by holding the brush vertically.

Avon SuperExtend MascaraClassic Length

Avon SuperExtend Mascara Full and long lashes gives your eyes a boost, and creates a gorgeous all day look. SuperExtend Mascara gives glamorous length with no extensions needed. Featuring a lengthening brush with tapered bristles that comb every lash with unique triangular fibers to give the look of extended lashes. Waterproof formula is easy to remove.

Avon SuperExtend Winged Out MascaraSoaring Length

Avon SuperExtend Winged Out MascaraInspired by feathers the precision-tapered SuperExtend Winged Out Mascara brush features hundreds of fine filigree bristles to capture every lash corner to corner.  The glide-through formula wraps lashes in raven black, lengthening fibers for fluttery lashes that sour up and out for a look that is fuller at the outside corners of the eye. Available in black, blackest black and brown-black.

Avon Aerovolume Mascara Weightless Volume 

Avon Aerovolume MascaraAll of the volume, none of the weight! The plush, weightless formula of Aerovolume mascara banishes midday droop with plumped-up volume. New lightweight formula contains hollow fibers that add volume without the weight. Keeps lashes lifted and volumized all day. Unique star-shaped wire brush creates a vertical lift and even formula deposit. Smudge-proof, waterproof and clump-resistant. Available in black, blackest black and brown-black.

Avon SuperShock MascaraAvon SuperShock Mascara Classic Volume

SuperShock Mascara's super-sized brush coats and separates lashes. The thickening base and unique microfibers that swell and expand to plump lashes for 12X volume. It applies evenly, dries quickly (a plus on busy mornings), wears all day

and is easy to remove.

Avon SuperShock Max Mascara Supreme Volume

Avon SuperShock Max MascaraGet shocking results and max volume with SuperShock Max Mascara. The specially designed Helix brush layers lashes to their max, making them look 7X bigger. High-gloss lushness wears all day for your fullest, shocking lashes! Choose black or brown black, or go for waterproof in black for up to 18 hour wear.

Avon Big & Daring Mascara 24-Hour Explosive Volume

Avon Big & Daring MascaraGo bold with 5X more volume! Sweep on  Big & Daring Volulme Mascara from root to tip for 24-hour explosive volume. Dynamite wire brush is curved with multilevel patented bristles to comb through every lash. The plumping complex and innovative creme-gel formula deliver 5X the volume and a clump-free, smudge-free flake-free build. Choose black, blackest black or brown black in the regular formula or the waterproof in black.

Panoramic Volume

Avon Mega Effects MascaraFor something completely different, check out Mega Effects Mascara. The first real evolution in mascara in, well forever. Every other improvement to mascara brushes has still been a brush at the end of a wand. For Mega Effects Avon went a different direction... 90 degrees in a different direction. the brush is more like a paint brush. The Wonderbrush bends and adjusts to multiple angles capturing every lash, top to bottom. The unique brush fits the natural shape of lashes, coating them evenly with formula from root to tip. 0° gives you quick application and volume, adjust to 40° to apply to upper and lower lashes, and 90° gives you full application from root to tip. The brush design allows for full access to every lash, delivering 40% more mascara than average brushes. Mega Volume and Mega lashes have never been easier!

To use, grip the product at sides and remove the red cap. Rock the brush from side to side and remove, bend brush to desired degree.  Apply from root to tip, applying multiple coats to make your perfect look.  Make sure applicator is locked back in place. 

Big and False Lash Mascara The False Lash Look

Get the look of full volume false eyelashes with Big & False Lash Volume Mascara. The specially formulated brush allows mascara to get to the root of your lash line and fill in lashes from the corners to lower lashes, giving you a false lash look easy! Apply a few swipes of the clump free and waterproof mascara to get unbelievable lashes. Sweat and waterproof formula lasts all day and is suitable for contact lens wearers.

Avon Big and Multiplied Mascara Wildly Defined, Dramatically Full

 In Campaign 10 Avon introduces our first Triple Threat Mascara. With Big & Multiplied Mascara you can achieve the ultimate look in lash fullness with the Multiplier Brush which combines brush and comb zones to instantly separate and volumize lashes. Designed with smart slip technology, the mascara sticks to lashes, not to itself.

Avon Big and Multiplied MascaraTangled lashes are grouped together and appear to be clumping or spiking. Untangled lashes are separated from each other and stand out more when they are defined. Big & Multiplied Mascara untangles and separates lashes so that each lash is visible and volumized, one by one, from root to tip. Choose black, blackest black or brown black.

Choose your shade

Black is the go to shade for everyday impact. Blackest black delivers maximum drama. Brown Black works well for those with fair hair and skin, mature ladies and for an ultra-natural look.

Avon Moisture Effective Eye Makeup Remover Lotion Remove it right

As much time as we put into putting on our makeup we sometime skimp on or skip entirely an equally important step...taking it all off again. Take It Off! With Moisture Effective Eye Makeup Remover Lotion. Remove your makeup with this gentle lotion. This make up remover is strong enough to take off that smoky eye, and gentle enough for everyday use. Best of all, the gentle make up remover is non-greasy and leaves eyes feeling clean, soft and soothed


Eye safety and Mascara

It's important to replace your mascara regularly, approximately every 3 months because the environment inside a mascara tube can be the ideal environment for a multitude of things that can irritate or even damage your eye.  By replacing often you limit the potential for anything harmful to develop.

It can be hard to remember when to switch out for a new one and there tricks to help you remember like writing the date on the tube when you open a new one, or always starting a new tube at the start of a new season. The best indicator that it's time for a new mascara is when you start to notice that it's drying out. You may notice that you have to dip the brush in the tube more often to get enough product to achieve your normal look, or you notice flaking once you've applied it.

Pumping the wand in and out of the tube multiple times pumps air into the tube which can make it easier for bacteria to breed in the tube. That additional air can also dry out your mascara sooner. The brush can only hold so much product no matter how many times you dip it in the tube and the special seal on most mascara tubes takes off any extra product you might pick up. Instead dip the wand once, apply and then dip back in to apply a second layer.  This method also helps avoid spidery lashes by letting the first layer dry before you apply the second (or third) layer.

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