Sunday, June 17, 2018

Earn Your Avon Start Up Cost

Earn Your Avon Start Up Cost

From time to time I will talk with someone who really wants to start an Avon business but doesn't have the money to spare to pay the enrollment fee.  While it's not possible to get started without paying the startup fee, there is a way you can earn the fee before you enroll. 

 Avon has a special bundle that is only available to new representatives in their first few campaigns. It's called the Daily Care Collection and includes 7 of our best selling Skin So Soft and Moisture Therapy products, a $65 value for only $19.99

Share this flyer with your friends and family and take orders for the bundles. Collect payment, including local sales tax. 

When you sell a minimum of 5 collections you can use your profit to pay for your Quick Starter Kit and cover the shipping on the order. 

Sell 8 collections and you will have enough profit to pay for your Quick Starter Kit , cover your shipping and have some left to buy a couple of things for yourself or invest in your business. 

Sell 10 collections and you will have enough to pay for your Advanced Starter Kit, shipping and something new for yourself or additional business tools. 

Once you have reached your goal for the number of bundles you want to sell, go to and use reference code carnold to enroll and choose your kit. Then place your order for the bundles. Your kit and your order will arrive in 3-5 days and you'll be on your way to Avon Success.

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Do you have an Avon Brochure?  Or your friends have a favorite Avon product they would like to order?  You can build your order with any products, not just the bundles. The dollar amount of each goal would be 5 bundles = $99.95, 8 bundles = $159.92 and 10 bundles = $199.90

If you want to take orders from the full product line, keep in mind that fashion and home products have limited availability so you will want to reach your goal with core beauty products to ensure the earnings needed to cover your starter kit. 

Please note that all information is accurate as of 6/17/18. You can contact me anytime to confirm bundle and prices are current.

  How Do I Make Money With Avon?

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Become a Representative

Become an Avon Representative
Open your own Avon account today and save a minimum of 20% on your personal order. Participate in our Kickstart Program and earn $1000 in your first 90 days. Share Avon with others and earn 20-50% on products you sell and up to 10% on your team's sales.  Contact me for more details or sign up at using reference code carnold 

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